BoardMaps Board Management Software Review

If your company has decided to purchase additional tools for enhanced document management and board process then you should look at BoardMaps Board Management Software. This cloud-based solution is unique in its capabilities and provides services to companies in all industries. BoardMaps helps automate organizational moments, simplify director tasks, and provides a secure space for storing and sharing documents and for remote discussion of important issues.

Overview of BoardMaps Board Management Software

BoardMaps is the leading board management software that supports you and your executive team before, during, and after meetings, enabling efficient board communications and improving productivity during meetings. BoardMaps is one of the few programs like it that focuses more on helping board meeting managers. It helps in selecting and bringing forward important issues that would benefit the company.

Thus the program greatly simplifies the managers’ tasks by streamlining a lot of formerly manual processes. All documentation will now be stored digitally securely, making them easy to track and execute, which in turn helps to properly monitor the company’s progress and ensure that it is moving smoothly towards its designated goal.

Key Benefits of BoardMaps

So why is BoardMaps such a popular provider and what benefits can it guarantee for your organization? About that below:

  • It’s the only problem-oriented board management service

 BoardMaps helps keep absolutely everyone on the board of directors in the loop, it makes it easy to keep track of all the issues that need to be addressed, without the risk of missing anything. Since all documents will be stored digitally, they will be easy to organize and all board members will have easy access to them, they can easily study all the necessary materials for the meeting in advance

  • This allows the meeting to be scheduled accurately

Once the administrator has selected the issues that the board will have to raise at the meeting, they can begin to create the agenda. With the software, you can do this in a few minutes and upload it along with all the supplemental materials. When all the data has been uploaded, the other users will be automatically notified of the update, so the program ensures that no one is left out. Directors will be able to view and prepare for the meeting from any device at any time. The administrator also has the right to control the access and interaction with the documents. You can prohibit or allow users to print, copy or edit a document, it all depends on the role of the participant, his capabilities, and responsibilities.

  • All decisions are logged and monitored

Since the BoardMaps will be able to solve one of the main problems of the board, namely the lack of time to prepare for the meeting, now all the meetings will be several times more productive. The program also allows you to record the entire process of the meeting and save it in the program archives. Also inside the space, participants can create draft decisions and arrange polls and votes to get a unanimous decision faster 

  • You can track your decisions to monitor your progress

BoardMaps allows you to assign tasks to individual board members or to an entire team, as well as set deadlines and who is responsible for completing the task. After the manager has distributed the tasks, he can trace the process of their implementation, and if there are any errors, notice and correct them in time. Thus, the program helps to improve the work process and decision-making.